Artist page is ready now

9. july 2019

I finally managed to add some real content to the Artist page, including a short music-related bio, so that you may understand what the entire project is about, while you may also learn about its background story. Photos are still missing, will come soon.

The Bleeding Outlaw

21. june 2019

Welcome to The Bleeding Outlaw, which is my new music and art project, launched in late June 2019. After 20 years of absence, I finally decided to start making and recording music again.

I wasn't really inactive during the past two decades, of course – I have been developing software, I launched a number of web platforms, I have also still been helping musicians and other artists periodically, and I just completed the production of a first album I recorded in my newly built project studio.

But this will be the first time I will be focusing on my own music in 20 years, and so to me, this is quite a big thing.

The project is partly based on ideas I developed in the late 1990s when I was still a member of Pagan Lorn, which was one of the bands that helped to spark the underground, alternative and metal scenes in my home country, Luxembourg.

Originally I had planned to launch The Bleeding Outlaw project 10 years ago already, but then I decided to first see what's wrong with today's music industry and with today's music, in order to become able to develop and to market my music all on my own, so that I would truly remain independent, without having to rely on the traditional music industry's infrastructure.

This quest quickly turned into a bigger project too – in the end, I even wrote an entire book on this subject, and the resulting community platform can be found on jamplifier.com.

I won't reveal much more details on The Bleeding Outlaw at this point, although you may already find some sporadic information on the website. Stay tuned, as I plan to post further updates in the near future.

– Jos

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