Introducing the Jamplifier Project

13. october 2019

Originally, I wanted to start The Bleeding Outlaw as a project in 2008 already, but then everyone told me that returning to make music was a terrible idea, as the entire music industry was in deep trouble.

I then decided first to analyze what's wrong with both the music industry and the music scene, and this work finally evolved into the Jamplifier Project. Work on this project (it's both a platform and a book) took about ten years, and I'm really proud of this work, now that it's ready for release.

The Jamplifier Project not only helped me to better understand what's wrong with the music industry and with today's music, but my research also deeply affected the way I'm now writing and recording music. So in the end, this project itself will have a massive impact on the overall quality of The Bleeding Outlaw's music.

I won't further go into the details right now, but if you're interested in the Jamplifier Project, then please check it out here:


Thank you!

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