Self-made guitars

All electric guitars used on The Bleeding Outlaw's records will be self-made guitars. "Self-made" means that I either built them using spare parts or that I heavily modified them at least. Maybe I will build a guitar completely from scratch one day, but currently, I don't have time for such an adventure. They all have Carvin M22SD passive high gain humbuckers with alnico magnets at the bridge position, as those are my favorite mics. Currently, I have completed work on three guitars, which all reuse parts I purchased the same year, in 1993. I plan to build at least two more guitars that shall be used on the Outlaw's album.

The Outlaw Axe

This is the project's signature guitar, based on a Carvin X220C neck-through body I originally bought in early 1993. The 220C (not to be confused with the T-model that's still available) was a guitar available from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and back then it was also possible to order the spare wood part. AFAIK they only sold very few of those spare bodies, so self-made guitars based on it should be really rare. A friend of mine painted it white for me back then (inspired by Max Cavalera's BC Rich he used in Sepultura's Arise video), but in the end, I didn't like the color and I didn't finish building the guitar. In the late 1990s, I removed the white paint, added the current wooden finish, and put it aside. I finally assembled it in early 2012, after having relaunched The Bleeding Outlaw project in 2008. In mid-2019 I had some trouble with the electronics, and so I simply short-circuited it – only the bridge pickup can be used and only the toggle is operational as an on/off switch, it doesn't even feature a working volume knob.

The Strat

Shortly before I sold my Fender Strat in 1993 I had ordered a Carvin neck I wanted to test on it. I put it away as I didn't need it after selling the guitar until I rediscovered it 20 years later. On eBay I found a really fucked up Start body (may be a Squier, I don't know), I added a tremolo (Wilkinson, which doesn't really fit, it's too big so that the guitar can't have a back plate and it's only fixed using five screws), a no-name pre-wired pickguard, an M22SD mic, and locking tuners. Finally, I aged the entire hardware, and that's it. 

The ML

This guitar is based on a Korean Dean ML from Hell (originally blue/black with white lightning) I bought in 1993. It hated the pickups, and I hated the painting which was quite far from what Dimebag Darrell's actual guitar looked like, and so I never used it and put it away. I re-discovered it in 2018 and I still hated it, so I removed the electronics, poured alcohol over it, and set it on fire. I removed the remaining paint, applied a wood finish, modified the electronics and reassembled it using M22SD pickups. I think it's a great guitar now, and it will definitively be used on the record. The dark spots are random results caused by the alcohol and fire burning through the paint, by the way.

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