Introducing the Jamplifier Project

13. october 2019

Originally, I wanted to start The Bleeding Outlaw as a project in 2008 already, but then everyone told me that returning to make music was a terrible idea, as the entire music industry was in deep trouble.

I then decided first to analyze what's wrong with both the music industry and the music scene, and this work finally evolved into the Jamplifier Project. Work on this project (it's both a platform and a book) took about ten years, and I'm really proud of this work, now that it's ready for release.

The Jamplifier Project not only helped me to better understand what's wrong with the music industry and with today's music, but my research also deeply affected the way I'm now writing and recording music. So in the end, this project itself will have a massive impact on the overall quality of The Bleeding Outlaw's music.

I won't further go into the details right now, but if you're interested in the Jamplifier Project, then please check it out here:


Thank you!

Back on track...

20. september 2019

Unfortunately, I was not able to work a lot on the project during the past two months, as I had to spend a lot of time with our new puppy dog. Layla is a great and lovely dog, but I completely forget how time-consuming young dogs can be in the beginning. Luckily things are going quite well right now, and we're having lots of great moments together.

Furthermore, I'm the project manager of our national educational web platform, which means that September is usually quite a busy time for me, as lots of newly implemented features have to be tested at the beginning of the school year.

Next week I will clean up the studio and I will upgrade some stuff, and then I'll probably start recording in late September / early October.

Ready for pre-production

20. july 2019

I created a master template for the entire project and made copies of it for all songs, and I imported bounced audio tracks of the files I used during the songwriting process. The next step will be to re-record rough tracks of the bass and the guitars. Songwriting is mostly complete (music, not lyrics), although I still have to write one last song for the album.

Media page now online, featuring guitar pics

11. july 2019

Today I uploaded a number of guitar photos as well as information on my self-made guitars that I will use on The Bleeding Outlaw's album. All guitars are operational, I tested and finetuned them this week.

Artist page is ready now

9. july 2019

I finally managed to add some real content to the Artist page, including a short music-related bio, so that you may understand what the entire project is about, while you may also learn about its background story. Photos are still missing, will come soon.

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The Bleeding Outlaw is an independent solo studio project by former Pagan Lorn guitarist Jos F. Kirps.


"In this case, 'independent' means that this project is not backed up by any record company, and I will do everything on my own – not only the songwriting and performing or programming all instruments, but also the recording, mixing and mastering, and finally the promotion, and distribution.

Not because I couldn't get a record deal, but because I think that nowadays it's much more interesting not to be part of what people may call the 'traditional music industry'.

I don't believe in the old industry's philosophy and strategies anymore, and I think it's time for something new, as rock 'n' roll can only be revived bottom-up.

It will be much more interesting to be part of a creative underground instead of getting lost in the mainstream." – Jos